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In sending this booking you confirm the above details are correct and agree to abide by the Rules of the Nottinghamshire Centre, including paying for any expenses incurred on my behalf in the case of non-attendance.

A link to the rules and information on your privacy is shown at the bottom of the page.
Photography/videography may be taken at our Centre’s events and rallies. The Centre and Club may use any photograph(s) and/or video(s) they take that includes you, your party and/or outfit in all and any media, including printed and electronic publications, e.g. websites, or promotional materials, in the advertising of its goods or services. The photograph(s) and/or video(s) may be stored for these purposes as well. If you do not want to appear in any shots, please advise the organiser if it relates to a specific event, or the Centre Secretary if for all events. They will do their best to accommodate this and ensure you are able to avoid the area being photographed/filmed.

Please note:
Hard standing is not guaranteed for ANY outfits on ANY rally.
All rallies must be pre-paid prior to arrival.

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