Centre News

In light of the changing position on the lockdown measures now in place we have received the following guidance from CAMC headquarters. Please note that as a committee we are reviewing this information virtually and will ensure that we keep you informed if we need to take the decision of cancelling any rallies. At present we are in the position of contacting land owners as any rally on their land will be with their consent. We completely understand if you no longer feel comfortable to attend a rally and would ask that you contact the rally marshal should you wish to cancel any rally you are currently booked onto. Please keep checking back for any further updates.
Each year the Centre produces a rally book for members however in line with Caravan and Motorhome Club Headquarters guidance we have been asked to follow their preferred option for the rally book which is that we produce an online digital document as a PDF file which you can download and print at home from the centre website (if required). This topic was debated by the committee at their first meeting following the AGM and it was felt that if this was the advice that headquarters were issuing then we should abide by this. The printing of rally books has therefore been suspended for this year. In these uncertain times with covid it does mean that it will still be accessible to you without having to be handled by several people (printers/post man etc) prior to you receiving it. It also means that as any changes occur to the rally programme the document can be kept updated which is essential for keeping "you" our centre members informed. We know some members may be disappointed with this decision however we must ensure we follow the guidance we receive from headquarters.
Following careful consideration we have taken the difficult decision not to hold the National in 2021. Planning the National takes a huge amount of time and manpower, and all the while we cannot be certain it would not be cancelled, it's in the best interest of not only the Club, but also members, for us to take this decision now. We know the National is a key date in the diary for many members, rest assured we will be looking at alternative options - including pop-up campsites at popular locations - to bring members together and we will of course keep you posted on these developments. We know this will be a disappointment to many of you but the safety of Club members, staff and volunteers is of paramount importance to us and we appreciate your continued support.
Dear Members Due to the new Covid-19 rules if you now wish to attend a rally then this must be pre paid ideally 7 days before the start date of the rally by bank transfer. We are no longer allowed to handle cash or paper on a rally field, this has been put in place by headquarters to help reduce the risk of contamination. We understand that other organisations are continuing to handle cash etc but this is a ruling from headquarters that we must follow. Your rally marshals will send you pre arrival guidance when you book onto a rally and within the email will be the bank transfer account details. This also means we are unable to accept Rally Marshal Vouchers or Fellowship awards as part payment, so the way this will work in 2020 is as follows: Rally Marshal Vouchers - I will keep a log as you marshal rallies and at the end of the year if you have attended at least one rally you didnt marshal you will receive a bank transfer for the full amount of all your vouchers. If you were unable to attend a rally then your amount will be carried over into 2021. Fellowship Awards AGM 2019 - My records show that a handful of members are still to use their fellowship voucher, so the same will apply if you attend at least one rally in 2020 at the end of the year I will do a bank transfer for your fellowship value. If not the value will be carried forward into 2021. I hope the above is clear but if not please call or email me Jane Tomkinson Treasurer
Please see our new rally launch programme for 2021/22 under our downloads section.